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1382021_389164287884376_91126989_n11Lynn McCallum is an avid explorer of life, gifted empath, clairvoyant, channel, skilled communicator, networker, bridge builder and passionate Certified PSYCH-K Health & Wellness Facilitator. She has traveled the world extensively, volunteered hundreds of hours with many non-profit organizations and holds a deep love and reverence for all life. The natural world has been her greatest teacher and for several years she has been deeply involved with the activation of grids and leylines of the planet embodying the sacred wisdom of the portal keepers.

She is developing a growing relationship with the wisdom keepers of our times, from indigenous elders to quantum physicists and seeks to provide a venue to share the wisdom of the ages to support collective awakening. She envisions a world of global peace, harmony, balance and abundance for all supporting empowerment through the celebration of what it means to be alive.

She has an expanding focus on community building, connecting with others on co-creative levels to usher in projects that honor and support unity consciousness and the well being of all life. She is currently developing with others on the grass roots level to bring forth The Council For Peace, a discussion panel initiating the return of The 13 Rainbow Tribes to Hopi Nation as well as co-creatively participating in the birthing of a global no-profit organization for prayer.

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